Exquistely Feminine

Luxuriously Sexy

Devinely Sensual

Bold and Beautiful

Big Goddess Energy

You are an untamed woman, creative, full-hearted, sensual, erotic, powerful.  Don't forget it.  Let 2023 be the year the world gets to feel all of you. 

as seen in:

as seen in:

confidence isn't about knowing how to make yourself stand out above the noise, it's the ability to embody the feminine power to silence a room with just energy & intent

What happens when you activate your confidence?

   effortless seduction 

endless creativity
natural magnetism

Hello, I'm Heather

Your brand new boudoir photographer & sensuality coach.  I'll be your friend with benefits (not that kind!) 

I am here help you bloom into the most beautiful version of yourself.  I will expertly guide you every step of the way and show you what a badass babe you are.  

Boudoir is more than taking a great picture.  I help you tap into the wellspring of your womanhood and unleash the power you've been hiding or have forgotten about.
With over 800 boudoir sessions under my garter
belt, I can confidently guarantee you I'm the woman for the job. 

 good vibes  only

unapologetic expression



we have to be the ones to remind ourselves we're worthy

When you invest in yourself,

the Universe openly invests in you

the wild & magickal woman is unafraid of her feminine power

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If you're into beautiful badass babes being empowered by connecting with their sensuality, you've come to the right place. 

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